Dammusi Due Gatti

Hiking on the Island

Pantelleria is much more than the sea!

Pantelleria trekking
Pantelleria Trekking
Peppe D’Aietti

Territory Expert. Discovering Pantelleria: thematic, didactic and trekking tours, day and night

Hiking with the expertize, have different duration: between 3 and 8 hours. They can be deal with your car (or motocycle), or walking with different difficulties.

These are the different hiking proposed by our expertise:

ROAD ROUTES (road routes with many stops, in order to know Pantelleria island in general)

Inner Pantelleria Tour Inside Island tour (picture by Grazia Cucci) The sea from the mainland Scooter tour Pantelleria by night (picture by Grazia Cucci) Mixed tours (picture by Luca Genovese)

HISTORICAL ROUTES (hiking with a theme: historical, environmental and ethnological, just to know something more about the island where you are!)

The civilization of Sesi Dammuso and Pantelleria architecture Cossyra birth and decline From pre-history to the present days Unknown Pantelleria Mixed tours (picture by Grazia Cucci)

TREKKING (around the island, day and night, inside Pantelleria history, nature and geology)

Gelfiser Gibele Favare (picture by Grazia Cucci) Kuddia Mida (picture by Grazia Cucci) Behind the island(picture by Grazia Cucci) Khagiar Kutinar Triknakhalè (foto di Grazia Cuccia)

If you want to discover the island with "Pantelleria Trekking",during your holidays, please let us know in advance

Cavaliere d'Italia Moss Crossroads Colors Crater of Mount Gibele
Gadir - Hot thermal water Steam on the steps Landscape with the Lake Lake Mirror of Venus One of the many thermal pools on the Island