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The page of the Sports

Signs of the paths

If you like to walk

On the island we organize cultural and natural excursions of 4 to 8 hours (see page hiking), or you can organize yourself walking on well-trodden paths and marked by the Forestry
The show is guaranteed!

Walk trail

If you like to run as much as we

We can organize and run together, or we can suggest you paths of your suitable length.
The island allow any kind of training, even the most difficult on the Montagna Grande (Big Mountain), or along the perimeter to always have a view of the sea.
Once a year takes place the EcoTrail of Pantelleria

A group picture

If you like cycling

Here you can rent one and, if you like the mountain bike, there is an amateur sports association that organizes rides of varying difficulty


If you like to scuba dive

We are dive master and we can indicate you where to dive or take courses.

Trails for riding

If you like to ride a horse

There is a riding school near us and another one by the Lake of Venus

Are you sporty? So here's a little ideas suitable for you!

ecotrail Sicilia
corsa di S. Fortunato

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