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About Pantelleria

Having holidays in Pantelleria means to stay in "dammuso"

Pantelleria island is in a strategic position that allowed her to be at the center of history and legends since prehistoric times.
It was born 300.000 years ago after the eruption of a volcano; it has been named " Black Pearl of mediterranean sea" for its black stones.
The sea and the pristine nature of the island are still intact, the same as found by the Sesi, by the Phoenicians and the Romans.
There are sites with natural hot water and caves with steam used for having a sauna.
Perhaps it was the beauty of the Island that caused Ulysses to lose his mind and fall in love with the nymph Calypso!
Houses in Pantelleria are named "dammuso", a particular building that shields you from both wintriness and summer heat.
In the exterior of the dammuso, the patio has a reed ceiling that filters out bothersome wind and heat. Breeze blows almost all the time, our dammuso is very well shielded but everywhere on the island you feel the breeze. Since we are at the same latitude of Tunisia (which you can see from our dammuso in the west cast of our island), the sun assures a mild pleasant temperature even in wintertime... but the breeze often forces to wear a jacket. So if you come in wintertime, while not finding the cold of the northern cities, you need to wear a good parka.
The sea in Pantelleria is undoubtedly beautiful and clean everywhere in the island, since there is no sand but only rocks. Every access to the sea is indicated along the roads and in the maps that we have available for you, but it is ESSENTIAL to wear shoes for rocks: this is the only way to get in and out of the water easily without slipping.
We suggest you to bring a mask along to enjoy the colored seabed.
We rent many of that "dammuso" in each part of the island and different size: you can choose your best solution, look at the gallery, and ask us for availability.

About us

here we are

Here we are: Giuliana and Toni. We both love the sea; we love to visit the seabed but even sail on the surface. We are scubadivers, and we also love nature and animals: we have found all of those things in Pantelleria, since 2013, when we left Milan and decided to live here.

Here's what we propose you

A real, old Dammuso, renovated

Hiking and activities, for groups, couples or single

Tour of the island with boat

  Car or scooter rent

Bicycle rent (also e-bike)

Useful information about Pantelleria

We pick you up at the airport or port

We can help you to find best flight for you

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Our Dammuso

"Dammusi 2 Gatti"

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It's always available, also during winter (when Pantelleria offers best colours: flowers everywhere!)

If you like, we can also provide your breakfast.

What kind of holidays would you like?
We can propose a complete relax or a full trekking week.
Swimming pool, silence while you are here and walking, beautiful view, sea, boat... what you prefer dayly.
For pricing and availability information: here or fill up


Where we are

Here is the structure "2 gatti": many true, old dammusi with swimming pool
(and air conditioning)

contrada Sibà


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E-mail: info2gatti@gmail.com

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