Dammusi Due Gatti


About Pantelleria

If you have not decided yet if Pantelleria is the right place for you to spend a vacation, here we tell you something that may help. In the meantime you can see this video.
And if you have not decided yet whether to stay with us, here is some information about our dammuso.

The choice of the Island

The island of Pantelleria, not to be mistaken for Lampedusa, another isle further south-east, belongs to Sicily but is really closer to Tunisia (just in front of it). Its extension is 83 sq.Km (the third Italian island in order of extension after Elba and St.Antioco) within the province of Trapani, its inhabitants are close to 8.300.
The ground is definitely hilly, the inhabitants state that there is SOME SEA around Pantelleria: absurd? NO, this simply means that they love their land more than the surrounding sea: the land is very well taken care of, clean and well cultivated. There are no sandy beaches at all, the only sand you may find belongs to“Mirror of Venus” (Specchio di Venere): a beautiful natural lake of brackish water where people go to the sludge.

It is advisable to keep in mind that Pantelleria is not an "easy" island to relax on a sandy beach. The beach is rocky all around, the sea is absolutely splendid to swim and to dive into; there are beaches fit to get easily in the water but remember to wear your rock shoes.
One great advantage for a small island like Pantelleria is that when the sea is rough on one side, you will find it smooth on the opposite side. In just a few km you’ll find the right place.
By the way, please do not select one spot to stay there all the time: you would miss a lot that the island can offer. Nor pretend to tour the island by hiking: to visit the island and to enjoy the various accesses to the sea, you should rent a car or a scooter (if you need a contact for hiring, ask us), but be careful in driving: the roads are well-maintained, but are typical mountain roads,narrow with many curves all along.

Do you love biking? If you have good legs, here you can enjoy nice tours, but there are no flat routes so... be prepared! Ditto if you love running: it is an ideal place to prepare for rides in the mountains... believe us!

If you like to scout around, within a small distance you can enjoy sea, lake and mountain or visit an ancient castle, archaeological sites, the Volcanological Museum and then soak in thermal waters of Sataria or Gadir!


Don't forget: Alberello of Pantelleria (The traditional practice of cultivating bush wines) has received nomination for the inscription in the Unesco intangible culturale heritage rapresentative list!

Getting there - How to leave

If you have decided that Pantelleria is the right place for your vacation, here's how to get there: First of all: Pantelleria has got an airport.
During the high season (mid-June to mid-September) you can find direct flights, even low-cost, from the main Italian airports. Or you can reach Trapani and there catch the hydrofoil (2.5 hours) or the ferry (6 hours) or a flight on Alitalia. This airline operates from Trapani and Palermo all year round, 2-3 times a day.
During the low season everything changes: no more direct flights other than from/to Palermo or Trapani and no hydrofoil. Our suggestion is to catch a flight to Trapani or Palermo with the airline of your choice and then switch to a Alitalia flight. If you need our help, we can look for the right flight or direct you to an agency that will arrange for your trip.


The permanent inhabitants are about 8,000 scattered around in small villages, in addition to the main village of Pantelleria. There is no crowd at all in off-season in the island, although never desert.
There are tourists almost all year round, obviously fewer in wintertime. Our dammuso are in the open country, so we enjoy an almost total silence (almost? yes, all you can hear is the sea when rough) and pitch dark (if moonless) nights, heaven for star watchers. It might get cool, being a breezy island. But even in January you can find sunny windless days good to wear undershirt. At the opposite, you may need a sweater in August due to the north wind: rarely, but not impossible.
You can swim in the sea till November... and if the sea is rough you can bathe (even in January) in a thermal water pool.

Due Gatti (Two Cats) Dammuso

Our Due Gatti dammuso is located 5 Km south of Pantelleria town, 5Km north of Scauri and 500 meters far from a rocky beach, pretty simple to get into the sea. We are on the west side, just facing sunset towards Tunisia.
2 km from us there are the caves of Sataria with thermal waters.

The name Two Cats - Due Gatti means exactly what it says, so I hope you do not have problems with these beautiful animals... on the other hand cats are everywhere in the island.

We can offer you 2 apartments: Ulysses and Calypso (see the Historical notes below for the meaning of these names).
Ulysses has its own entrance and is equipped with a double bed, a sofa bed and a loft bed, as well as kitchen and bathroom. But above all, it has a breath-taking view from the patio. You will enjoy unforgettable sunsets.

Calypso has a common entrance with our own dammuso, with the facility of easy access also to our garden for fresh aromas. It is equipped with a double bed, a bathroom with a lobby plus an outdoor sheltered kitchen and, of course, with a beautiful view on the sea.

Our apartments Ulysse and Calypso are also right for 2 couples of friends or a large family who want to stay in different apartments but dining together.

However, if you want to stay all together, in the green, without any light or noise, without any neighbour, than our big dammuso which name is Penelope is for you!

Look at the gallery and ask us for more information.

A dammuso is a particular building that shields you from both wintriness and summer heat. In addition we have air conditioning for those who can’t get along without. We also have ceiling fan, the best solution even for sirocco. In the exterior of the dammuso, the patio has a reed ceiling that filters out bothersome wind and heat. Breeze blows almost all the time, our dammuso is very well shielded but everywhere on the island you feel the breeze. Since we’re at the same latitude of Tunisia (which you can see from our dammuso in clear days), the sun assures a mild pleasant temperature even in wintertime... but the breeze often forces to wear a jacket. So if you come in wintertime, while not finding the cold of the northern cities, you need to wear a good parka.

On your arrival

Let us know your arrival time to enable us pick you up at the airport or port.
If you prefer to take care of it yourself (the rented vehicle will be available where you indicate, port or airport), we can provide you directions on how to get to our place, it's not complicated.
A piece of advice: let us know in advance if you intend to rent a car, scooter or bicycle, so we can book what you require and take you to the pick up place.
Public transportations exist but aren’t very frequent.
To go to the beach from our dammuso, you can walk 10/15 minutes. If you choose to go by car, there is a parking lot in the area. Other accesses to the sea are reachable by car or scooter.

The sea

The sea is undoubtedly beautiful and clean everywhere in the island, since there is no sand but only rocks. Every access to the sea is indicated along the roads and in the maps that we have available for you, but it is ESSENTIAL to wear shoes for rocks: this is the only way to get in and out of the water easily without slipping.
We suggest you to bring a mask along to enjoy the colored seabed. Jelly fish? As everywhere in the Mediterranean Sea: it depends on the streams, but if the stream makes the sea difficult in the east side, you can swim in the west and vice versa.

The water

Water is in the dammuso tank: it’s declared drinkable but we suggest to use bottled water.
We ask you please do not waste water. It’s a rule that applies everywhere, but on an island it is of the utmost importance.
Upon arriving you’ll find a bottle of drink water. If you do not intend to use a car and don’t know how to transport water (anything else can be carried by bike or scooter), ask us: we can provide you with it when we go to town.

The telephone

Mobiles don’t link from anywhere. In our dammuso Ulysse and Calypso, occasionally you can link from a few meters outside.
In case of emergency we grant the use of our phone. There we have a free WiFi. In Penelope you'll not have problems with telephone link. There is not Wifi, there is not TV.... only peace and stars!

The temperatures

Winter in Pantelleria is never very cold, however the wind makes temperatures lower, or it seems they are lower...
In the mean time in summer the wind permits to stay under the sun all the time without feeling too hot!

The cuisine

There are, of course, excellent restaurants and pizza shops, for which we can give you suggestions. Anyway both our dammuso have fully equipped kitchens.
We have a vegetable garden in our backyard which you can use with no problems for herbs (basil, parsley, sage, rosemary, chilli pepper...). The stone barbecue in front of the patio is available to those who request it (no use of charcoal required).

Did I forget something?

If you want suggestions on where to go, what to visit, ask us.
For anything else that we may have forgotten, do not hesitate to ask us for help, we are around more or less all the time.

One last hint

Let us not forget those who love to rest! Above all you will discover the wonder of watching the sea or an unpolluted sky on starry nights, while sitting on the patio. Maybe sipping a glass of excellent Passito di Pantelleria wine that you definitely should taste.

See you soon!

Pantelleria island is in a strategic position that allowed her to be at the center of history and legends since prehistoric times.
It was born 300.000 years ago after the eruption of a volcano; it has been named " Black Pearl of mediterranean sea" for its black stones.
The sea and the pristine nature of the Island are still intact, the same as found by the Sesi, by the Phoenicians and the Romans.

Perhaps it was the beauty of the Island that caused Ulysses to lose his mind and fall in love with the nymph Calypso!